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Header Photo: Tom Hanks' Best Friend Is An Icy Wilson Blend

Ben Affleck gives an interesting and honest interview to Details.12 Greatest Time Travel Effects from Movies and Television

Looper trailer sweded by Stephen ShafferHow the Industry Evolves: 'Diana' Strikes Photo Deal with PaparazziRiffTrax takes on The Hunger Games, in blatant defiance of President SnowDr. Seuss Books With a Star Wars TwistAn Oral History Of Cheers

10 Completely Insane Zombie Flicks

jasinskiart's "Saturday Morning Sanctuary" piece for the group show "Happy Little Trees", a tribute to Bob Ross opening September 27th at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland OR.

'The Deep' Helmer Baltasar Kormakur Keeps Iceland Close To Heart

Ryan Gosling & Rooney Mara sizzle on the Austin set of Terrence Malick-directed music drama

Fandango Lures Away Entertainment Weekly's Oscar Guru Dave Karger

Simpsons Drawing Club, A Blog Featuring Simpsons Character Drawings by UK Artists

Actor Herbert Lom, known for 'Pink Panther' films, dies at 95

Poster: Not SherlockCowabunga is history—say hello to TMNT's new catchphrase

NECA: Gremlins Mogwai Series 3 Revealed

Dish's OTT strategy is old idea dressed in new technology

Scott C.'s newest Showdowns coaster set is now available

Bruce Willis: Top 5/Bottom 5Supercut: Movie Characters Saying 'Check, Please'

Classic and Contemporary: 2 Major Plotholes in Films

Zombie Cupcake Cookbook

The 8 Coolest In-Camera Movie Train Crashes

Video: One Of The Worst Movie Death ScenesSpielberg's Lost Sci-Fi Game LMNO: 3 Ways It Would Have Changed Everything

Ron Swanson's Pyramid Of Greatness

Netflix App Updated To Take Advantage Of Wide Screen iPhone 5, iOS 6

Watch: Lars Von Trier's 1971 Short Film 'En Blomst'The 21 deaths of Sean Bean.Harry Potter Birthday Cake5 Fan Fiction Sex Scenes You Won't Believe Exist

Eye of Sauron Nails

11 Crappiest Movies of Paul Giamatti's CareerDoctor Who Dalek Projector Alarm ClockAdam Sandler: Top 5/Bottom 5Poster for DreamWorks Animation's The CroodsThe 5 most delicious films for food loversMeet Wreck It Ralph's Sugar RushABetterQueue Lets you filter Netflix movies by Rotten Tomatoes scoreBob's Burgers–Sons of Anarchy Mashup Poster50 Great Feats In Pop Culture Cosplay At San Diego Comic-ConThunderbirds Themed Restaurant You Can Only Find In Japan

10 Criminally Underrated 90?s Movies

Walter White Is The Danger Zone T-Shirt

7 Theories on Doctor Who Series 7

Dark Horse will be releasing a new 47 Ronin comic adaptation this November.

'The Master' Cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Confirms 85% Of The Film Was Shot On 65mm

Star Wars Hoth LEGO Chess Set

DreamWorks Testing Newcomers For 'Need For Speed'

Don't Cross the Streams! t-shirt

'Hitchcock' To Open AFI Fest On Nov. 1

American Royalty, A Rockwell-esque Illustration Series by Sam Spratt For Childish Gambino

Warner Bros Romancing Director Michael Hoffman For Nicholas Sparks' 'Best Of Me'

Witness 'Star Wars' Throughout History In 'If Star Wars Were Real'

Pinewood Toronto begins $40 mil expansion

Star Trek Enterprise and Klingon Ship Salt & Pepper Shakers5 Film Franchises Based on One Character's Stupid DecisionA Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy's Glove Replica10 Awesome Modern Film Performances You Totally Didn't See Coming

Stylish Star Wars Eyeglass Frames

Best John Hughes Homages in Movies

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