Watch Marvel Studios' Animatics Supervisor Federico D'Alessandro's 'Halloween' Remake Pitch Reel

Federico D'Alessandro started as a storyboard artist on James Cameron's 3D docuemtnary Aliens of the Deep, and worked his way up the ladder working on horror movies like Stay Alive before getting his chance on big studio pictures like I Am Legend, and The Chronicles of Narnia sequels. For the last couple years, D'Alessandro has been working as the Head Storyboard Artist and Animatics Supervisor over at Marvel Studios, working on all the superhero movies: Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3.

Recently we've been interested in seeing the pitch reels which filmmakers are crafting to try to convince studio executives to give them a chance. Most of the time these pitch reels come in the form of a sizzle reel/movie trailer, but other times the filmmakers focus on a sequence to show how they would handle the tone of a project.

When pitching for the directing job on Platinum Dunes' Halloween remake, Federico D'Alessandro used his skills as an artist and animatics supervisor to create a very polished animatic, alongside some keyframes. Watch his amazing pitch video right now embedded after the jump.

The nine-minute pitch reel was well received by peers, but the project fell through the cracks.

"It turned out pretty cool, but unfortunately while I was in the middle of working on it, talks fell through between Platinum Dunes and the I missed the boat on that one," D'Alessandro tells us. "With Halloween being re-released to theaters soon, and October coming up, I'm hoping that readers could get a kick out of seeing a horror themed pitch animatic for a major property."

Background on pitch reels:

Every day in Hollywood, filmmakers meet in rooms at production companies and movie studios, giving their take on potential upcoming projects. This process hasn't changed much over the years, except for the advent of carefully crated trailers for nonexistent movies, meant to help executives visualize the final product. Fans often post their own mash-up trailers, but we rarely get to see these pitches from noted filmmakers. It's even more rare to find them for major Hollywood blockbusters.

The reason is simple. If the pitch gets bought, we'll see the final movie. If it isn't, weeks and weeks of hard work, sometimes even paying out of pocket for test footage, animatics, custom created logos and voiceovers, is all for naught. Creating these pitches is not just time consuming; it can get expensive and pretty disheartening. These videos are almost never seen outside of the studio walls, though Joe Carnahan's Daredevil is a recent and rare exception. Kevin Rancharoen's The Hunger Games pitch trailer is another.

Watch Federico D'Alessandro's 'Halloween' Remake Pitch Reel

And here are some of the keyframes Federico created for the pitch (which can also be found on his website)

Be sure to check out Federico's website as he has a bunch of cool animatics from the Marvel films on the site.