Guillermo Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim' Will Be Converted To 3D

Guillermo Del Toro didn't want it, but he's not signing the checks. Warner Bros. has announced that Pacific Rim, the director's big budget robots vs. monsters sci-fi action adventure scheduled for release July 12, will be converted to 3D. It'll also be released in 2D. Read more after the jump. Variety first wrote about the conversion, which they say was a corporate decision and not a creative one.

Speaking with Collider earlier this summer, Del Toro said he didn't want to do 3D because the robots and monsters were so big. Fast forward to 3:30 at that link.

Del Toro has never released a 3D film but you can be sure he'll take great care with the conversion, even if it wasn't ultimately his choice. That said, I'll be searching "Pacific Rim 2D" on Fandango next Summer. What about you?

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