Superhero Bits: Captain America: The Winter Solider, Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, Kick-Ass 2, Dark Knight Returns

Want to watch some set video from Thor: The Dark World? Is Chris Evans excited for Captain America: The Winter Soldier? What sunny beaches will Iron Man 3 soon be shooting on? How did The Avengers help one girl eat her lunch? What does Mother Russia look like in Kick-Ass 2? Is Hayley Atwell upset about her Avengers scene being cut? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

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Superhero Hype

) has this cool set footage from Thor: The Dark World.

The Huffington Post

has a hilarious interview with Chris Evans that, eventually, gets around to talking about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There's more Winter Soldier (with video) on Page 2:

Well, I wasn't happy in the first "Cap'" because — well, not that I wasn't happy. I was just nervous, you know what I mean? I had taken a role that I was just nervous about. And it was a lifestyle change, and there were a lot of factors on the first "Cap'." I was just nervous, man.... so now, it's kind of like, "All right, well, let's go try and make this one even better." I feel comfortable in the role. I love Marvel and I'm actually, dare I say ... excited.

Stan Lee is the latest to throw his hat into the argument about the power of "F**k You."

Comic Book Movie

breaks down some Fact and Fiction about the Justice League movie.

This father on




) drew superhero themed doodles to help his daughter eat her lunch.

They're fantastic

. May I say: Best. Dad. Ever.


has complied all of the superheroes that will appear in the CW show Arrow.

Olga Kurkulina is playing Mother Russia in Kick-Ass 2 and here you see her new costume, via

Comic Book Movie


Iron Man 3 is coming to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Read the full press release at

On Location Vacations


Yup, another clip from The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 thanks to

Superhero Hype.

Which actresses could play Captain Marvel in The Avengers 2, if she's in it? 

Comic Book Movie

 has some ideas.

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Loki fights little Cap in this cosplay photo by 



Speaking of Loki, Tom Hiddleston spoke to 


 about his role in The Avengers.

Catwoman t-shirt for girls via



Fashionably Geek


Comic Book Movie

has a large post of what's going on on the set of The Wolverine.

Hayley Atwell spoke to

Hey U Guys



) about her scene in The Avengers being cut. It's at 3:50.

Art Asylum


Super Punch

) shows amazing images of this Marvel Select Venom character and talks to the designer.

HiDef Digest



) talked to ILM's Marc Chu about working on The Avengers.

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More Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Chris Evans

spoke to MTV

about his excitement for the film, and other cast members.