Daniel Craig Looks Likely To Do Two More Bond Movies [Updated With Confirmation]

As the 23rd james Bond film, Skyfall, went into production, one question was: how many more times is Daniel Craig likely to play Bond? This is his third outing as the super spy, and supposition has run the gamut of options, from thinking he might be done after Skyfall, to the idea that he's got another one or two films in him.

Now a report says that Craig is set to do "at least five films" in the Bond series, which would put him in two more, with releases possible in 2014 and 2016.

Update: Deadline confirms that Craig will do two more Bond films after Skyfall, and that Sony will co-finance with MGM. Original article follows.MI6 says that Craig is confirmed for two more movies, but the source for that confirmation is not revealed.

There's also the question of how quickly the next films will be made. There was a four-year break between the release of Quantum of Solace and the October/November window pegged for Skyfall this year, in part because of MGM's financial woes that curtailed production on all of the studio's related projects. All involved in Skyfall, from Craig and director Sam Mendes down through other crew, has said that the extra time allowed to develop Skyfall has been beneficial to the film. But that also means that it has taken six years for three Daniel Craig movies to be finished.

EON might want to get on a more accelerated production cycle, with films possibly set for two-year intervals — that is, 2014 and 2016. But the performance of Skyfall could affect that schedule, and if the film does particularly well, an argument might be made for three-year intervals. Whether that affects Craig's commitment to the series remains to be seen.