Cool Stuff: 'Step Brothers' 4th Anniversary Art Show

Some might find it hard to believe that five years ago, the phrase "Boats and Hoes" was not part of the popular vernacular. The 2008 comedy Step Brothers changed all that. Directed by Adam McKay and starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, Step Brothers became the definitive comedy of a generation. Okay, not really. For most of us, Step Brothers is simply a funny, enjoyable comedy. But for others, it has, in fact, become a wildly popular film that's relentlessly quoted, turned into memes, gifs, soundboards, t-shirts and more.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the film, because why not, Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA is opening a massive exhibit of Step Brothers themed art August 31. It'll be on dispaly thorugh September 22 but, after the jump, you can see a bunch of the work right now.

The Step Brothers exhibit will be open from 7-10 p.m. August 31 at 214 Pier Avenue in Santa Monica, CA. It'll remain on display through September 22 and you can contact the gallery and find out its hours at

Here are a bunch of pieces from the show. Be aware some of these are artist previews and not the full images. Mouse over each for the artist's name.

Thanks to the fine folks at Expresso Beans and Funny or Die for posting many of these images.

Which are your favorites? Personally, I like the State of Shock, Petrie and Dresslers but it's all incredibly strong. Plus I'm surprised that not every piece is focused on the same aspect of the movie. Some did Boats & Hoes or Prestige Worldwide but others did the drums, Catalina Wine Mixer and more. It's a great variation.

Talk about a fun show. Will you be trying to pick any of these pieces up? Whatever doesn't sell out will be online September 1. Follow @Galleries1988 for the info.