New 'Avengers' Deleted Scene Features Alternate Captain America Intro And Stan Lee Cameo [Removed]

Marvel is really pulling out all the stops with the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Avengers. While we're used to seeing deleted scenes from major blockbusters, rarely do we get so many clips that would have radically changed the film. Tuesday we saw a totally different opening of Joss Whedon's film and now we have a clip that completely changes the introduction of Captain America. We see Cap (Chris Evans) processing the passage of time, the fates of his friends, figuring out the modern world, the appearance of a character seen later in the film and even Stan Lee's original cameo. Then it wraps right around and loops into the film we know and love. This three-minute clip a must watch.

Thanks to Marvel via Latino Review for this clip.

[Actually, Marvel had nothing to do with it, and has asked us to remove what the company describes as a "pirated" clip.]

To answer your first question, the CG effects of Stark Tower have not been finished in this scene. It's supposed to be there where the MetLife building is. And no, Acura definitely was not happy this scene got cut as it has just a tad of product placement.

Still, I understand cutting this from the film. It would have slowed down the early momentum even more, and the fact that Cap saves his waitress later in the film doesn't really qualify as some kind of major pay off. Not to mention, Stan Lee's cameo in the final film has a little more humor and self-awareness than this admittedly funny line.

This is one of those instances where the deleted scene is a perfect entity unto itself, but correctly missing from the final film. Or maybe you disagree. Do you think highlighting Captain America's internal struggle a bit more would have benefited the movie?

See all the deleted scenes and more on September 25 when The Avengers hits Blu-ray.