VOTD: How 'The Dark Knight Rises' Should Have Ended

Even though many of us have issues with The Dark Knight Rises, there's few who would argue the ending is incredibly satisfying. Does it leave questions? Absolutely. But the final few images, combined with Hans Zimmer's score, leaves almost everyone feeling great as the credits roll. The problem is, if things played out in a logical fashion, The Dark Knight Rises may never have gotten to that point. And that's where the How It Should Have Ended team comes in.

How It Should Have Ended is a fun animation website that makes videos for practically every big blockbuster, showing how the movie probably should have ended if Hollywood movies had more sense. It's all nonsense, but it's fun, and their take on The Dark Knight Rises is one of the best yet. Check it out below.

Loyal readers of Superhero Bits probably saw this earlier this week but it was deemed worthy enough of a follow up for anyone who missed it in that column. Here's the video from How It Should Have Ended. Head there for more. And obviously, these are major spoilers below.

Some of these are way too dumb and obvious, such as Batman dying of the stab wound. But nitpicks like John Blake and Commissioner Gordon NOT deciding to let all the cops go underground or Batman deciding to use his Bat-darts on Bane are simultaneously funny and logical. (OK, maybe not the Bat-darts so much, because if he shot one, one of Bane's goons would have shot him. But it still made me laugh.)

I hate to open up this can of worms again, for any of us, but do you think any of these are legitimate gripes or just funny takes on the film?