Billy Crystal Compares 'Monsters University' To 'Revenge Of The Nerds'

Pixar's first prequel, Monsters University, will be released next summer and tells the story of how monsters Mike and Sully met in college long before they were scare partners at Monsters Inc. Billy Crystal and John Goodman both return for the film, which is out June 21, 2013. Until now, all we've really known is that Mike and Sully started as rivals. That much was evident in all four teaser trailers that came online along with Brave.

In a new interview, though, Billy Crystal has dropped a few new details about the plot and even compared the film to the cult Eighties college comedy Revenge of the Nerds, which featured a small role by none other than John Goodman. Read his quote after the jump.

Crystal was speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming film, Parental Guidance, and said the following about Monsters Universitydirected by Dan Scanlon:

[Mike and Sully] end up in the same fraternity where they have this scare competition — like Greek Games in college. They have to mobilize a group, sort of like Revenge of the Nerds-monsters, and get them ready to be scary.

This is a Disney movie, though, so while the characters are in college and will obviously do some partying, don't expect them to be pounding beers, doing kegstands or streaking. According to Crystal, they're both underage in the film:

They're 17 and 18 years old in the script. My guy has a retainer, even.

The college competition and fraternity rival thing is a pretty tried and true narrative structure. Besides Revenge of the Nerds, it works in Old School, National Lampoon's Animal House, Back to School, PCU among others. But I love all those movies and am anxious to see Pixar's spin on it. I'm sure when we get a second trailer for Monsters University, more will be revealed.

Do you like this idea for the film?