Cool Stuff: Batman's Batcave-Inspired Home Theater

Part of what makes Batman so popular is we all feel like, if we had his money, we could be that person. Just give us billions of dollars and we could afford the suit, the car, the fighting lessons and parental issues. Of course that's not true but now, here's proof you can definitely have your very own Batcave. Elite Home Theater Seating posted images of a project they're helping with: building a Batcave home theater for a California resident. And as you can see above, it's super impressive. Check out more images after the jump.

The images comes from Elite Home Theater Seating's website, via Geekologie. Unfortunately, Elite isn't doing the whole thing, just the seating, but they were obviously given permission to run the photos from this private residence.

Two things to notice in the photos: The book shelf opening to reveal the Batcave behind it and the infinite possibilites on the computers in the back. Too cool. Rumor is this cost $2 million.