VOTD: Guess The Movie Studio Jingle

Unless you pay a few extra dollars, chances are you spend a good amount of time in the theater before your movie starts. And if you go to the movies a lot, maybe you've made a game of this. Personally, I know I try to guess the movie trailer as quickly as possible and figure out the film's production company before the text shows up. Some are easy to guess quickly: Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, etc. But some of the smaller ones are not so easy, and film fan and composer Evan Duffy created a little game. He plays the themes for various movie studios on his keyboard and allows us to guess which is which. How many can you get? Check it out below.

Though this video is almost a year old, /Film reader Jack B just pointed it out.

The answers are posted on the YouTube page, but I've posted them below. Highlight to see them.

1) Warner Bros.2) New Line Cinema3) Columbia4) Dreamworks5) Fox

For more on Duffy, visit his official Facebook page.