Could Adam McKay's 'The Boys' Get Made At Paramount?

With his film The Other Guys, Anchorman and Talladega Nights director Adam McKay expanded his ability for staging physical comedy to staging all-out action. From there, he was interested in adapting The Boys, a comic series penned by Garth Ennis in which a super-powered CIA squad acts as a sort of enforcement unit overseeing the world's reckless superheroes.

The film was moving forward at Columbia for a while, but the studio passed and it looked like The Boys was going to remain on the page. But McKay recently suggested otherwise, and that Paramount might end up making the film.

Here's McKay's recent statement:

In early 2011 when the film was first being talked about, it was going to (hopefully) be a "a $100 million, rated-R, anti-superhero movie." Will that remain the same if Paramount does make the movie? And was the studio interest in The Boys part of a deal to make Anchorman 2? As far as we know Paramount had to be convinced to make the Anchorman sequel, so it seems unlikely that this would have been something the studio used to leverage McKay into making Anchorman. Regardless, this one could turn out to be fun if the studio is serious about making it, and willing to do it according to that early spec. [via CBM]