Listen To Red Letter Media's Review Of The Original 'Star Wars'

Yeah, that's right — just Star Wars. Red Letter Media became internet famous thanks to a feature-length video takedown of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Over the course of two more prequel reviews, the outfit did a very good job of articulating not only what didn't work in the three new Star Wars films, but why the films failed in such specific ways.

Now the Mr. Plinkett personality that voiced all the RLM prequel reviews has turned to the original Star Wars. His take on the film is, and I'm sure there won't be much surprise here, a bit more positive than what he had to say about the prequels.

The big difference between this review and the prequel reviews is that this is only an audio commentary track. That doesn't mean that there isn't any digression, but least this time it doesn't involve as many women tied up in basements. (Not yet, at least, based on what I've heard.) In fact, there's a lot of digression, which probably makes this one for the serious fans of both RLM and Star Wars.

[Bandcamp via SuperPunch]