'Cockneys Vs Zombies' Red-Band Trailer: Give That Old Geezer An Uzi

At some point, the zombie revival that has been shambling through cinemas for the last decade has to run out of steam. But it isn't done yet, and the trailer for Cockneys vs Zombies suggests that there is still some good fun to be had with the walking dead.

The film was written by James Moran, who wrote the very entertaining film Severance, which had some smart and funny jokes based on well-known horror film tropes. It seems like he's taken the same approach here, and to good effect. This is a fun little trailer — and one that is well worth the red-band label, by the way — with some good and gory gags that play on zombie movies gone by, without feeling like it is relying on simple rehashes. Check out the footage below.

Looks like the highlight here could well be Alan Ford (aka Brick Top in Snatch). Overall this just looks like good, silly fun. The zombie vs old man with a walker scenario is like something out of The Simpsons, and I still laughed at it. And is there a joke in there about clashes of football fan zombies? Seems like it.

IGN has the trailer. Cockneys vs Zombies hits August 31 in the UK.