Cool Stuff: Retro Style VHS Video Tape Notebook

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Screenwriter/Director BenDavid Grabinski tweeted out the above photo of a cool VHS notebook he recently bought. The notebook not only looks like a VHS video tape, but comes with its own VHS protective sleeve and includes a sheet of labeling stickers to help you customize. How cool is that? The company which produced these notebooks has apparently sold out, but I was able to find some still available on Amazon and other sites. More photos and info after the jump.

Here is the official description:

For most of us, the VHS is just a nostalgic memory, but we thought it was an object worth revisiting, in the form of this very nice Video Notebook. Video Notebook comes in a VHS sleeve and as a lovely touch, we've included those famous labelling stickers, just like the old days! Although the sleeve is a funny retro touch, it also acts as a protective cover so all in all, its a brilliant product! Video Notebook is the perfect gift for any writer or scribbler and indeed anyone into film, thus making it an extremely versatile gift. Contains 260 lined pages. High class hard backed notebook. Dimension: H 7.75" x W 4.5" x D 1" Weight: 1lb.