Very Busy Dan Harmon Also Developing A Multi-Camera Sitcom For CBS

Two and a half months after being unceremoniously canned from his own show, Community creator / ex-showrunner Dan Harmon isn't just bouncing back, he's thriving. Even before he got the pink slip he had an animated series titled Rick & Morty brewing at Adult Swim, and since then he's also kept busy working on a stop-motion movie Anomalisa with Charlie Kaufman and a multi-camera comedy for Fox. Add to that crowded slate another possible sitcom, this one for CBS. Read on after the jump.

CBS's distinctive comedy style seems at first blush like an odd fit for Harmon — compare and contrast Community with, say, The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother — but Harmon seems like the kind of artist who could find ways to get creative with even the most conventional setups. If CBS' better ratings mean Harmon's unique vision will reach more viewers, it's tough to argue against it. We're just happy to see Harmon's keeping so busy. Who knows — at the rate his new projects are coming along, it's even possible the Community firing may someday turn out to be a blessing in disguise.