Read A 'Dark Knight Rises' Deleted Scene Featuring Miranda Tate And Lucius Fox

The Dark Knight Rises is so packed full of story, character and action it's hard to imagine anything hit the cutting room floor. But obviously, some things did, and the first remnants are beginning to leak out. Above is an image from a deleted scene between Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) discussing Tate's intentions at Wayne Enterprises. The scene was cut from the final film but was (obviously) shot, and after the jump you can read the script page detailing not only what they're saying, but when in the film it happens.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie and their reader @antovolk for the heads up on this script page:

Obviously the scene takes place before Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne first reunite in the film and, honestly, I'm glad it was cut. It doesn't really add that much except reinforcing that Miranda is someone who can be trusted with the Wayne Enterprises secrets. However...


It seems relatively innocuous but Miranda Tate's mentioning of John Daggett's plan raises a few interesting flags. It's pretty obvious that Daggett's plan was part of Miranda's grand scheme, even if Daggett didn't know that himself, but you have to wonder why she mentions it to Fox in this way. Was it like some kind of third level Inception thing where she plants that seed for Fox, knowing he knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, knowing he'll say something and it'll help drive Bruce back behind the cowl? Maybe. Or maybe she just playing her role as good guy, making Daggett look like the patsy.  What do you think?

Note: This was mentioned in today's Superhero Bits, but deserved a longer write up.