First Look: Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, And Justin Timberlake In 'Trouble With The Curve'

Clint Eastwood suggested that he was done with acting after the release of his 2008 film Gran Torino. The then- 78-year old actor had already pulled away from acting in any films but his own, and had long seemed more interested in directing and scoring films than performing in front of the camera.

But then Robert Lorenz, who has worked with Eastwood for years, decided to direct his first film. The family drama centers around an aging baseball scout, and Eastwood agreed to play the role. And so Trouble With the Curve, which also stars Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake, opens on September 28 of this year. The production was in and around Atlanta and Macon earlier this year shooting the picture, and now we've got the first look at all three actors in two official stills from the movie.

EW has the two photos, one of which features Eastwood and Adams. She's his estranged daughter, convinced by his boss at the Atlanta Braves organization (a boss played by John Goodman) to come along on his last scouting trip. Lorenz explains the father-daughter relationship:

He gets his chance to prove whether he still has value as a scout—and as a dad. They're having trouble communicating. They always have, and now they've come to a point in the relationship where it's either going to change or it's not. He needs a little help, and she decides it's worth the effort.

The other image is of Eastwood and Justin Timberlake, with the latter playing a friendly rival scout whose entry into pro ball was assisted by Eastwood's character years ago.