Kevin Tong's 'Breaking Bad' Poster Takes You Into Walter White's Meth Lab

So far, posters in the Breaking Bad Art Project have dramatized some of the show's tensest moments, immortalized some of the best characters and highlighted many of the famous locations. Today's poster does something totally different as it teaches you all about the safety rules of, and structures in a meth lab. Kevin Tong's piece, Superlab, is a 12 x 36 inch screen print that's so packed full of show references and smarts, it has to be seen to be believed.

After the jump, read about how you can pick up one of these and see it in all its high-res glory.

Here's Kevin Tong's Superlab, click to see all the details in the high-res version.

The poster will be on sale soon at the URL That was revealed at a car wash in Anaheim, CA, where fans could go and get a limited edition A1A Car Wash hat, just like Walter White owns on the show. The poster will cost $60.

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Three posters left...