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Header Photo: Vintage set photo: taking a break on the set of Ghostbusters

Edgar Wright's complete set of Scott C's Great Showdowns

R2D2 Bathing Suits: They Sold it First and Negotiated the Rights Later.

Rian Johnson gives us a look at the wrap gift for Breaking Bad Season 5a.

11 Things You Might Not Have Noticed In The Shining

Up's Russell has been Crocheted

Star Trek Breakfast Cereals

Bee Johnson's Breaking Bad art.

'Smallville' Creators Slated to Rebuild 'The Machine' for Vin Diesel

Looper Launches an Interactive Website

Martin Csokas Cast In 'Rogue', 'Noah'

After Earth poster by Hopko Designs

Kevin Kline Moves to Last Vegas

Set photo from Misery.

Devin Defends Film Criticism

Pod Racer Baby Stroller

Aaron Sorkin's Daddy Issue

Video: Darth Vader Interviews Young Self

IFC Nabs James McAvoy's 'Welcome to the Punch'

Ninja Turtle Bra

Top 50 villains of all time.

David Soames' Willy Wonka-inspired screenprint for Crazy 4 Cult NY

Television Killed Itself: The Rise of Pointless Television

Doctor Who-inspired "Keep Count and Shoot First" t-shirt

11 Crappiest Movies of Christian Bale's Career

Two New SKYFALL Stills Released

Don Winslow Novel 'California Fire And Life' Heads For Big Screen


6 Filmmaking Tips From Christopher Nolan

 Breaking Bad street art in Canada

Olivia Thirlby Says Her Role In DREDD Is Like "Playing Laser Tag But With Huge Production Values"

Video: The LEGO Wire

'The Master' Is Finished; Has Been Rated R

Map of Middle Earth T-Shirt

10 Major Blunders in Doctor Who

Spencer Brinkerhoff's "You are a part of the Rebel Alliance and a TRAITOR!" print for Star Wars Celebration VI

10+ Things To Think About If You Want To Make Better Films

Take a look at the office of Lost/Once Upon a Time screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis

The Best 'Prometheus' Analyses So Far

Vintage ComicCon-Artworks

The Big Four On The Floor: How to Revitalize Network Television

Female Chewbacca cosplay.

7 Baffling Movie Moments That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

21 Incredible Star Wars Themed Food

The Ten Geekiest Shows ("The Big Bang Theory" Can Suck a D*ck)

Female Rocketeer cosplay.

Top 10 Most Famous Aliens Of The World

Origami Yoda

The Essentials: 5 Of The Best Peter O'Toole Performances As The Great Actor Announces His Retirement

LEGO Rancor pit set

6 Filmmaking Tips From Michael Haneke

Snake Eyes Flash Drive

Top 9 Timeless Movies About The College Transition

Mark Englert's Person of Interest San Diego Comic Con Print for Gallery1988

34 Things We Learned From the 'Big Trouble in Little China' Commentary