Concept Art From 'Black Dynamite' Director's 'Aztec Warrior'

Scott Sanders, the man who with Michael Jai White crafted the often hilarious blaxploitation spoof/homage Black Dynamite, is turning to the world of Mexican wrestling with his next film, Aztec Warrior. The movie begins shooting today, with Luis Guzman as a luchador who faces off against his rival El Diablo, played by Eugenio Derbez. Terry Crews, Nadine Velazquez, and Lupe Ontiveros are in the film, too.

And, evidently, there are some familiar-looking robots in the movie as well. A piece of concept art surfaced recently showing the Aztec Warrior squaring off against a machine that looks a lot like the ED-209 from RoboCop.

Twitch posted this image, which comes from the effects house Aparato out of Uruguay. That's the same company that did the effects for Panic Attack, the short film from Fede Alvarez that became a fan favorite a couple years back. (And which led to Alvarez directing the Evil Dead reboot.)

This shot is called "Aztec Warrior vs The Office Robot." Can't wait to find out what the story is behind this, and why the robot looks so familiar. I imagine some people might like this machine better than the version that has been redesigned for the actual RoboCop remake.