'Breaking Bad Art Project' Goes Green With Poster By Phantom City Creative

There are several impressive things about the latest poster in the Breaking Bad Art Project. First of all, the science textbook-influenced image is simple, clean and gorgeous. You'd expect nothing less from Phantom City Creative. Second, it's so subtle that you really have to be a fan to get it. Anyone who hasn't seen the show will have no idea what they're looking at or what it means. Which is kind of genius because, if you do explain its significance, this poster references just about the biggest spoiler Breaking Bad has up to this point. Even so, this poster is so good that we can run the image, tell you generally what it means, and it still won't spoil anything. Check out Phantom City Creative's Lily of the Valley poster below.

Here's Phantom City Creative's Lily of the Valley.

The poster is an 18 x 24 inch screen print that will be on sale later today at admitwhatyoudid.com.

What's almost cooler about this reveal is that, if you were following @BreakingGifs and showed up at the Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque, NM (yes, the home of the show) you not only got the above URL, but you got this awesome '90s-influenced t-shirt by Tyson/Givens. For free. I'd wear this thing every day like it was Charles Barkley or Michael Jordan.

As always, keep and eye on BreakingGifs.com and @BreakingGifs for announcements on this series. BreakingGifs.com is viral campaign to promote the upcoming final season of Breaking Bad on AMC. Curated and run by Tyson Givens and Gallery 1988, each week the site will link to a new piece of Breaking Bad themed art by well-known and up and coming artists, all leading up to the show's premiere July 15.