Alamo Launches Drafthouse Alliance Subscription Service

Even as Austin-based cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse continues its expansion into new markets across the country, its distribution arm Drafthouse Films is heading right to your front door. The label has just launched a new subscription club called Drafthouse Alliance, which gets members a series of Drafthouse Films Blu-ray (or DVD) releases delivered right to their houses in exchange for a flat fee. If Drafthouse Films' taste in movies tend to coincide with yours, it's a pretty sweet deal and a great way to support their efforts. More details after the jump.

Drafthouse Films posted the thinking behind their new Drafthouse Alliance membership program on their site, under the heading "A Call For Action":

Our motto is simple: "share the movies we love with the widest audience possible." Under the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema banner — a progressive institution for movie fans, run by movie fans — we follow the same principles with our brand by curating a distribution label with only the movies we believe in. With this membership, you are joining us in the collective pursuit of diverse visionary and provocative films new and old from around the globe. Join us.

On a more practical level, "the collective pursuit of diverse visionary and provocative films" translates to a $124.99 membership fee, which entitles the subscriber to any current Drafthouse Films Blu-ray or DVD release of their choice (currently, the options are The FP, Bullhead, and an unspecified "Spine #4"), plus automatic home delivery of the next nine releases on Blu-ray or DVD. In addition, members will receive invites to special screenings and events at Alamo Drafthouse cinemas. Head to to sign up or get more info.