Sequel Bits: 'The Expendables 2,' 'Captain America 2,' 'Jay And Silent Bob,' 'Taken 2'

Lots of odds and ends today in Sequel Bits. Here we go:

  • It seems a video game based on The Expendables 2 will be coming out.
  • Dominic Cooper isn't sure if Howard Stark will return in Captain America 2.
  • 20th Century Fox is sending out a great Taken 2 Father's Day card.
  • Kevin Smith promises Jay and Silent Bob's animated film will be rolled out in 2013.
  • The Expendables 2 opens August 17 and with a cast including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme, who isn't going to want to live in that world? It seems video games fans could get that chance. Though Ubisoft, the company likely developing the game, has no comment, a recent find at Player Attack (via Cinemablend) reveals the Australian Classification Board has given some kind of game based on the film a 15+ rating citing "strong violence."

    Will it be a high graphics, first person shooter where you can play through multiple missions as your favorite action hero of all time? Not likely. Games like that cost a lot of money and are marketed well before release to raise interest. More than likely, it's some sort of simple online or mobile shooter. But we can dare to dream.

    This quote ran in Thursday's Superhero Bits but it's worth running again for a new audience. Dominic Cooper, speaking to Collider about his role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, revealed he had yet to be contacted about reappearing as Howard Stark in Captain America 2:

    I just don't know. That one probably, because I'm the father, the next one I imagine will come later. But you never know, anything can happen to any of the characters at any time. They're like the comics. But I don't know. They're incredible projects.

    Coming Soon posted this funny Taken 2 Father's Day card. It's pretty self-explanatory. The film will be released October 5.

    Kevin Smith recently did a huge Q&A on Reddit (via MTV Geek) and one of the many questions he answered was when we might see Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, a film that was announced a few months ago.

    Next year, SModcast Pictures will do another RED STATE USA-type tour with our first animated feature, JAY & SILENT BOB'S SUPER GROOVY CARTOON MOVIE. We'll show the flick then Q&A after, all of which we'll eventually podcast. We learned a lot touring RED STATE, so we wanna put it to use on BINDLESTIFFS and the cartoon JAY & SILENT BOB flick.