Paramount And Hasbro Introduce 'Godfather' Monopoly Game

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Hollywood seems really into turning board games into movies at the moment, but inspiration apparently works the other way as well. Paramount and Hasbro have just announced a special The Godfather Collector's Edition version of Monopoly, in celebration of the cinematic classic's 40th anniversary.

While an R-rated gangster flick and a game you played as a kid may not sound like a match made in heaven, it makes an odd sort of sense. After all, Monopoly is all about gaining as much wealth and power as possible while ruthlessly tearing down your rivals — and who's better at that than the Corleones? More details after the jump.

Likewise, the Chance and Community Chest cards are now Friends and Enemies, Utilities are now Cops and Politicians, houses and hotels are now Hideouts and Compounds, and so on. And of course, the little player tokens have been replaced by more Godfather-appropriate pieces as well: "the horse head, cannoli, Genco Olive Oil tin, the Don's limo, a dead fish or the tommy gun." Watch the unboxing video below:

No doubt any actual round of Godfather Collector's Edition Monopoly will be accompanied by lots of talk of offers the other players can't refuse and sending your enemies to sleep with the fishes.

It looks exactly the kind of lovingly fan-created mash-up we feature on Page 2 all the time — only this one's actually legit. The Godfather Collector's Edition is selling now for around $40, at and other stores. Head to Deadline for a press release with more details.