'Moonrise Kingdom' Animated Companion Short Coming Soon

In its first weekend, Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom set a new record for per-screen average, grossing $171,545 per theaters in just four theaters. The tally was a testament not only to the quality of the film and its impressive cast but Anderson's reputation as well. After seven quality films, Anderson has easily cemented himself up as one of the most exciting director's working today and Moonrise Kingdom only adds to his track record.

Later this week, we'll post an interview with the director that discusses that point and more. However, talking to Coming Soon, Anderson revealed that he has another new addition coming to his ever growing oeuvre. They've animated some of the stories read in the movie and the short film will be on line next week. Read the quote below.

Thanks to Coming Soon for the scoop. Here goes:

[The character of Suzy has] a suitcase full of these young adult fantasy type novels. Sort of sci-fi/fantasy books. We had to invent them and give a little glimpse of each one. Different artists, most of whom very close to the filmmakers, were doing these. In fact, we have now animated them, each little passage, each in the style of the cover of the book. We've made a little short film that's hosted by Bob Balaban, the narrator in our movie. That will come out next week on the internet. It'll be a little companion piece to the movie.

Anderson has made online companion pieces to his work before. When The Darjeeling Limited was released in 2007, he released Hotel Chevalier online, which had Jason Schwartzman playing his character in the film along side a character only mentioned in the film, played by Natalie Portman.

We'll post the Moonrise Kingdom short as soon as it comes online.