'Iron Sky' Director Will Create A Gollum-Like CG Führer For 'I Killed Adolf Hitler'

Timo Vuorensola, who directed the 'Nazis on the moon' film Iron Sky, is now set to destroy the most recognizable face of the Nazi party.

Months ago we told you about the development of a film called I Killed Adolf Hitler, which is based on the graphic novel of the same title by the wonderful Norwegian cartoonist Jason. The film is scripted by D.C. Walker, and features "two hitmen sent back to 1927 from 1977 by a Jewish scientist to kill the Fuhrer and avert the Holocaust. Complications ensue when disaster strikes." Oh, and there's a love story.

Now the production has passed on some comments from Vuorensola about the film he'll make as his follow-up to Iron Sky. The most interesting bit is that he plans to digitally create Hitler before letting the assassins try to kill him.

Vuorensola said in a statement,

To be honest, I had no intention to do another Nazi-topic film as the one right after Iron Sky, but hell, you rarely get a script that good, and I instantly fell in love with it. It uses the scifi element of time travel in a very innovative manner, and I got excited about the idea to create the most realistic Hitler in film history, to create him as a full-CG face reconstruction. The story is a great, action-packed drama with bunch of deadpan comedy moments, but underneath it all it produces an epic love story which was the thing I really fell in for with the film.

The fact that the movie will create a CG version of Hitler is intriguing. Jason's comics have a very specific, almost austere style, with anthropomorphized animals as the primary characters. When first announced, we didn't know if the film would be animated, live action, or a hybrid. This news lets us know that there will be a lot of CG, but that the mode is largely live-action. And given the time-spanning scale of the story, the CG effects might be applied to the actors playing the assassin characters, too.

In this full-color graphic novel, Jason posits a strange, violent world in which contract killers can be hired to rub out pests, be they dysfunctional relatives, abusive co-workers, loud neighbors, or just annoyances in general — and as you might imagine, their services are in heavy demand. One such killer is given the unique job of traveling back in time to kill Adolf Hitler in 1939... but things go spectacularly wrong. Hitler overpowers the would-be assassin and sends himself to the present, leaving the killer stranded in the past. The killer eventually finds his way back to the present by simply waiting the decades out as he ages, and teams up with his now much-younger girlfriend to track down the missing fascist dictator... at which point the book veers further into Jason territory, as the cartoonist's minimalist, wickedly dry sense of humor slows down the story to a crawl: for long patches absolutely nothing happens, but nobody can make nothing happening as riotously entertaining as Jason does... and finally, when the reader isn't paying attention, he brings it together with a shocking, perfectly logical and yet completely unexpected climax which also solves a mystery from the very beginning of the book the reader had forgotten about.