Theme Park Bits: Transformers: The Ride 3D Debuts In Hollywood, Universal Studios Planned For South Korea [Video]

/Film boss Peter Sciretta was lucky enough to get an early preview of Universal Studios Hollywood's new Transformers The Ride 3D last month, but for the rest of us, this weekend marks the long-awaited debut of the attraction. General Glenn Morshower (played by Glenn Morshower) led the grand opening ceremony, which doubled as a set-up for the premise of the ride. Michael Bay, who directed the first three films and served as "creative consultant" on the ride, was not present, but sent in a greeting via satellite.

But the real stars of the show were Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, who showed up in car form at the ceremony after having appeared in robot form on the red carpet. Megatron made his presence known as well, "derailing" the proceedings by announcing his intention to steal the AllSpark back. Video footage and photos from the event lie after the jump — along with info on a new Universal Studios potentially being developed in South Korea.

And here's a better view of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, from both the carpet and the ceremony:

The site also snapped some good photos of the celebrities in attendance, including filmmaker Steven Spielberg and voice actors Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) and Frank Welker (Megatron). There's also a look at Liquid Energon, a neon orange citrus soda that will be served at the park.

Head to Inside the Magic for many more photos.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pacific, Universal seems to be making some headway on Universal Studios Korea. Disney and More reports that a bill requesting government funding for the part is being presented to the South Korean Congress. The Korean project has been developing for about five years now.

The site also posted some concept art for Universal Studios Korea, though as they note, "there is no doubt that the design will have some changes and improvements before the park opens."

Here's their description of what exactly you're looking at:

On the artwork on the top and on the closer shot below we can see the entrance (top center) and that the park should have a N.Y city streets land (top center right) – you can even see a statue of liberty – a Revenge of the Mummy ride (on the left, where you can see a giant Pharaoh head), a Waterworld show (bottom left), a whole Jurassic Park land (bottom center), and a big coaster partly going over the center lagoon on which you can see 360 degrees floating projection globes.

The Korean park is reportedly targeting a 2016 opening. Universal is also planning a significant addition to its other Asian park, Universal Studios Japan, in the form of a Wizarding World of Harry Potter like the one currently operating in Orlando. The new Japanese attraction is on track to debut in late 2014. Head to Disney and More for additional info.