'Breaking Bad's' Final Season Begins On AMC July 15th

Like many great dramas in television history, each season of Breaking Bad has left audiences with their jaws on the floor and questions on their mind. This past year, season four, was no different and fans have been waiting since October to see the results of those chilling last few minutes. The wait is almost over.

AMC just revealed that the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad will begin July 15. The sixteen episode season will be split in two: Eight episodes will air this year and then we'll have to wait a whole other year, Summer 2013, for the final eight. Talk about your good news, bad news scenario.

There's more after the jump including clearly marked spoiler-filled speculation.

Variety along with several other places reported this news, which also came with the announcement that a new reality show (following Comic Book Men and The Pitch) will air after Breaking Bad. It's called Small Town Security and is about a family owned, small town security business. Hell on Wheels will also be back this summer, on August 12.

The rest of this post will contain spoilers for Breaking Bad because I feel like doing a little speculating. But if you're a Breaking Bad fan, don't forget the art project that's currently going on. Awesome stuff is afoot.





With Gus gone and Walt comfortable enough to kill Jesse's friend, Breaking Bad is well on its way to truly embracing its name. There's nothing stopping Walt now, with Gus out of the picture and Jesse firmly in his pocket. Well, except for Mike, Gus's personal fixer. That'll be a problem. And of course Hank.

I feel like season five will likely see Walt begin to thrive even more, which will continue to raise the suspicion and interest of Hank, his brother in law. That relationship and revelation has to be the center of this final season. I'd imagine Hank will discover Walt is Heisenberg at the end of the first eight episodes and the last eight will be the result and aftermath leading, ultimately, to Walt's incarceration or death.

That's what I think, what about you?