LOL: 'The Avengers' Leads To Increased Sales In Shawarma

Yes, because of The Avengers restaurants from coast to coast are experiencing increased sales in the Middle-Eastern food known as shawarma. Reading that you have one of three reactions.

  • You've seen The Avengers and understand the link between the film and the meat.
  • You saw the movie but don't really understand the connection.
  • You have no idea what's going on having not seen the movie.
  • Whether or not you're in group one or two, you should click below. If you are in three, see the movie, then click below.

    In The Avengers, Tony Stark mentions twice that after the climactic battle, he wants to get shawarma, a Middle-Eastern meat staple. Then, if you stay after the credits, well, click here if you don't know what happens.

    Now, major cities who have restaurants serving shawarma are experiencing sellouts directly related to being mentioned in the almost billion dollar hit movie.

    TMZ reports Los Angeles restaurants saw an 80% increase in sales. St. Louis. Boston. You google it and, odds are, that city has written an article. GAS even says the Google Analytics show a huge pop in searching.

    Did you have a hankering after leaving the theater?