VOTD: 'The Raid' Remade In Claymation, With Cats

You might recall many months ago that we posted a short recreation of John Carpenter's The Thing, animated in stop-motion with clay, and characters re-done as penguins. Now the same artist, Lee Hardcastle, has given the stop-motion remake treatment to Gareth Evans' film The Raid. Instead of penguins he used the prime currency of the internet: cats. The result is cute and gory in equal measure, and easily worth a few minutes of your time.

You might say "but I haven't yet seen The Raid, and I don't want it to be spoiled!" But (a) Hardcastle changed quite a bit, to avoid exactly that problem, and (b) The Raid is pretty simple and spoiler-resilient. So have at it:

And evidently the Pingu characters Hardcastle originally used for his version of The Thing raised the ire of some lawyers, because that version has been pulled and replaced with one that also uses cats. That's below, as a bonus.

You're welcome.