The Bat-Pod And Tumbler From 'The Dark Knight Rises' Coming To Your Town

In anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises, two of Batman's most trusty modes of transportation will be traveling across the country for fans to drool over. The Tumbler and Bat-Pod from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises have hit the road and will be making stops all across the country from May 12 through July 7. After the jump, check out some images and get the full rundown of when and where these iconic vehicles will be stopping.

Here are some images from of the event gearing up.

You can get updates on that site or by following the Facebook or Twitter. In fact, you'll have to to see if dates are added and specific locations in each city. For now, though, here is the tentative schedule.

  • Bentonville, Arkansas May 12
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma May 15
  • Overland Park, Kansas May 19
  • Kansas City, Missouri May 21
  • Chicago, Illinois May 25
  • Washington, DC May 27
  • Baltimore, Maryland May 28
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 30
  • Buffalo, New York June 1
  • Toronto, Canada June 7
  • Montreal, Canada June 10
  • Purchase, New York June 12
  • Columbus, Ohio June 13
  • Lansing, Michigan June 15
  • Detroit, Michigan June 16
  • Brooklyn, Michigan June 17
  • Indianapolis, Indiana June 19
  • Nashville, Tennessee June 21
  • Knoxville, Tennessee June 22
  • Atlanta, Georgia June 23
  • Dallas, Texas June 25
  • San Antonio, Texas June 27
  • El Paso, Texas June 29
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico July 1
  • Phoenix, Arizona July 2
  • Los Angeles, California July 7
  • Notices how they'll be in LA on July 7, exactly five days before San Diego Comic-Con. I mean, SDCC seems like the no-brainer place to end the tour right?

    Is the Tumbler Tour coming to your town? Will you seek it out and get a photo? Am I the only one disappointed The Bat isn't on the tour?