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Header Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Predator reconcile

A Father's Plea: Stop Supporting Bad Films "For The Children"

"The Overlook" a tie inspired by The Shining.

The soundtrack to Steven King's It is being released on a new 2 CD set.

/Film reader Danny Shepherd created a live-action Aladdin trailer.

10 Things About "Star Wars" Fans Love To Hate

A Look Inside Disney's new Exclusive 1901 Club in Carthay Circle Theatre at Disney California Adventure Park

Biggest Movie Plot Holes: 'Superman,' 'Edward Scissorhands,' 'Ocean's 11'

Rocky IV: The Version They Saw in Russia

Carrie Fisher will appear at Star Wars Celebration VI.

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed a shot of the upcoming C-3PO & R2-D2 Premium Format Figures.

10 Things You Might Not Know About 'Gone With the Wind'

Video: Larry King Sits Down to Chat with Sacha Baron Cohen as 'The Dictator'

Your Guide to Attending (and Surviving) Mid-Week Midnight Premieres

Indiana Jones-inspired "Raiders Of The Lost Sharp" t-shirt.

Paramount Paying $1 Million For Jonathan Tropper Novel 'One Last Thing Before I Go'

Video: One Guy Tackle Every Sci-Fi Cliché Ever in an Audition Tape

10 Most-Shared Star Wars-Themed Ads on YouTube

Star Trek-inspired "Enterprising Use of Cats" T-Shirt

NYTimes: When Good Movies Are Bad News

9 deliciously designed Game of Thrones beer labels

9 Star Wars Tech Accessories From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Video: New Tenacious D Video, 'Rize of the Fenix'

James Cameron Wants to Convert Everyone to 5D

Par4noid's Blade Runner poster.

30 Most Memorable 'Star Wars' Quotes

The 9 Best/Worst Movie Theme Covers. Above you can listen to the 20th Century Fox theme performed by a flute.

Only 20 Percent Of US Homes Have TVs Connected To The Net

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Spectra Specs

6 Disturbing Unanswered Questions from Children's Movies

How To Draw A Cartoon R2-D2 – Tutorial

'The Five-Year Engagement' and 21st Century Relationships

Star Wars Celebrated with 90-Track Vocal Tour de Force

Is 2012 The Year Of Sci-Fi/Fantasy?

Harry Potter House Ties

Five Ideas to Lure Moviegoers Back to Theaters

Vintage photo: Mark Hamill, George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford on the set of The Empire Strikes Back.

5 Lessons Bad Movies Can Teach Bloggers

Battlestar Galactica-inspired Frakkin' Berry Cereal

How I Rebuilt Our Entertainment System Using Plex and Roku

Zombies Hate Stuff Book

5 Movie Apocalypses That Would Defeat Themselves

Star Wars cupcakes.

Top 10 Banned Movie Posters

Video: Walt Disney's Taxi Driver

20 of the most intriguing sci-fi TV opening credits ever broadcast

The British Empire Strikes Back T-shirt.

7 Movies' Solutions to Writer's Block, Or, When in Doubt, Write About the Fact that You Can't Write

Jason Heatherly's Drive poster art.

Top Five: Emily Blunt

Slave Two T-shirt.

The Key To Making Your Script Unforgettable

Vote for Glen Brogan's awesome Sesame Street t-shirt design on Threadless.

38 Things We Learned From the 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' Commentary

Infographic: Universal in Numbers

5 Reality Shows That Might Help You Survive The Apocalypse