What Mystery Short Film Has Marvel Already Shot?

A couple big interviews with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige have shown up over the past week as The Avengers races to US theaters, and we've pointed out some of the good bits of info in each one. But we missed something in one interview: a note that Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito, exec producer on Marvel's films, has directed something the studio will reveal in the near future. The assumption is that he shot a short along the lines of the ones that featured Clark Gregg and helped tie previous Marvel films together.

While talking about the duties of exec and producer Jeremy Latcham, Kevin Feige told SuperheroHype that we should be paying attention to other execs at the studio:

If you don't know these names, you should. Co-president Louis D'Esposito who's executive producer on all the movies and who even directed a little something that we're going to reveal in the coming months. We couldn't do these movies without him.

So what's this "little something"? The quote above is the only real info we've got right now, so deep speculation is pretty pointless. Presumably this will be revealed on the DVD and Blu-ray for The Avengers, and given the way that Marvel's past connective shorts have worked out, we can guess that this one will feature Maria Hill the SHIELD Agent played by Cobie Smulders, and perhaps an appearance in some fashion by Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson, too.