Limited Edition 'Avengers' Posters: Mondo Reveals Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, And Captain America Art; IMAX Handing Out One-Sheets At Midnight Screening

If you're already holding a ticket for your local IMAX 3D midnight screening of The Avengers, odds are you don't need yet another reason to get pumped for the movie. But here's something else to look forward to anyway: Fans who attend the 12:01 show will each receive a special limited-edition poster, which you can see after the jump.

Personally, though, I'm more impressed by the new batch of Mondo posters that'll be going on sale this week. Following last week's debut of Olly Moss' Black Widow and Tom Whalen's Hawkeye, the company has just unveiled four more for Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Thor, designed by four different artists. Hit the jump for a peek, as well as details on pricing and availability.

[via Collider]

Pretty plain, but not bad. If you want to make sure your theater will be taking part in the giveaway, you can see a full list of participating locations here.

The Mondo stuff, on the other hand, goes way beyond "not bad."

[via First Showing]

What a stunning set. I think my favorite of these is Iron Man, though I'm not sure even that can top last week's Black Widow piece.

Each 24x36 poster costs $45, with a few exceptions (more below). The first two to go on sale will be Phantom City Creative's Captain America and Ken Taylor's Hulk, which both hit Thursday, April 26 with a run of 320 prints each.

Friday, April 27 is the on-sale date for Martin Ansin's Thor (395 prints) and its $75 glow-in-the-dark variant (120 prints), as well as Kevin Tong's Iron Man (345 prints) and its differently colored $75 variant (120 prints). It's probably safe to assume that these'll go lightning fast, so keep a close watch on Mondo's Twitter feed for more specific info.