VOTD: 'Rubber' Director Makes William Fichtner Play Chess With A Puppet

I know there's something about Quentin Dupieux's films that rub people the wrong way, but I have a deep affection for the absurdity of Rubber. (I haven't yet had a chance to see his new feature, Wrong.) I get great enjoyment from his irreverent, slightly pretentious take on film.

And so I'll give some time to what is effectively an ad for the musical half of his career, in which Dupieux performs as Mr. Oizo. He's got a new record out, and to promote it Dupieux enlisted the aid of one of his actors from Wrong, William Fichtner. Since I have even more fondness for Fichtner, I'm happy to see him struggling through a chess game against a distracted puppet, in the clip that follows.

Points should be awarded, also, for the best boombox ever.