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Where The Catholic League Gets It Wrong About The Three Stooges

The Raid: Redemption director Gareth Evans on why you'll never see the film in 3D.Dolby Labs and Philips unveil Dolby 3D tech, want to deliver glasses-free 3D in HD

Staples Center becomes giant ad for Universal Studios Hollywood's Transformers: The Ride

The Best Argument for Keeping Fringe on the AirVideo: From October, Back to the Future cast reunites on TODAYTop 10 Best Three Stooges Shorts

Pennsylvania's Parkland High School Looks Just Like the Millenium Falcon

The 10 Hottest Supermodel Cameos In MoviesTrue Romance poster by Domanic Li for Cult Cinema SundayMaggie Smith Leaving Downton Abbey After Season 3Short Film: One: A Space Odyssey in LEGO

SNL Explains the Nudity in Game of Thrones

Fifty Baddies print by Robert Ball

Top 10 Multi-Genre Actors

Last Night's Simpsons Episode Reveals True Location of Springfield

Richard Brody's New Yorker essay Misreading Lena DunhamFriday The 13th: Jason Voorhees Through The YearsCloverfield Writer Drew Goddard on Found Footage Films:

Truth is it's not like we were the first ones to do found footage. Blair Witch did it phenomenally ten years before we ever showed up. But certainly there's been a new wave of it and I look at it like anything — there's good movies and there's bad movies — the style doesn't really bother me in any way. I just find that this style lends itself to more bad movies and they're sort of spoiling it for other people, but the truth is there have been some great ones too. So I'm not against it, I'm just against bad movies.

Disney Imagineers used virtual reality video rooms to plan Cars Land.The 10 Scariest Sci-Fi Prisons From Movies & TV

R2-D2 Turntable

Justified Actress Joelle Carter Joins Lionsgate's JessabelleWatch Christopher Nolan's First Short Film DoodlebugThe Social Network Star To Cameo In HBO's The Newsroom PremiereRwoan Stocks-Moore's reimagined Peter Pan poster.How Slated Remakes Indie Film FinanceWatch the Rob Zombie-Directed Commercial for Amdro Ant BlockWhy Netflix's Unlimited Employee Vacation Policy WorksBlue Velvet poster by Maxime ChillemiTop 11 Best Heist Movies

Retro Digital Cinema Camera Is a Hit on Kickstarter

MTV lists the great movie trios2001: A Space Odyssey in LEGOMoonrise Kingdom' Soundtrack Features Françoise Hardy, Hank Williams & The Partial Return of Mark MothersbaughWatch a  Rotoscoped Version Of The Evil Dead 2 Trailer

Disney has partnered with the the Ministry of Culture's China Animation Group and Tencent, China's largest Internet provider, to develop and create animation for TV, movies, and the Internet.

Snow White Cake

Virgin America Teams With Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller for New In-Flight Channel

Watch Three Episodes Of Kermit's Party, Muppets commercials for Bounty.

Sometimes People Banging Away on Laptops at Cafes Really Are Screenwriters

Star Trek Kirk and Spock Teddy Bear

Millennium Entertainment Acquires The Babymakers for U.S.

Poster for 'The Host' Looks Like It's Promoting a TV Show10 Freakiest Beasts Of NBC's 'Grimm' Season OneVideo: Badass Jedi Grandma10 Things You Didn't Know About The Three Stooges.

Custom Star Wars: The Clone Wars High Heels

UltraCulture wants everyone to please stop calling Cabin in the Woods a game changerBlade Runner poster by 3ftDeepTop 10 Ugliest Movie VillainsIGN has released a an high resolution "diagram" of the USCSS Prometheus.Leslie Zemeckis Making 'Bound By Flesh' Documentary On Siamese Vaudeville SistersTotal Recall-inspired "Rekall Inc." t-shirt.6 Filmmaking Tips From Alfred Hitchcock