Watch 20 Minutes Of Behind The Scenes Footage From 'The Avengers'

I love the process of filmmaking and seeing eye on the wall footage from the making of big films. Today Hollywood doesn't produce many behind the scenes documentaries in this style. Studios do release reels of b-roll footage to tv outlets at junkets to cut into those 4-minute on camera interviews. Over the years we've posted embeds of the raw video material on the site for everyone to enjoy.

After the jump you can watch 20 minutes of spliced footage from the set of The Avengers. There is some very enjoyable moments, watching Joss Whedon direct the cast, seeing Mark Ruffalo seeing models of himself as The Incredible Hulk for the first time, seeing Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans run around a stunt stage with plastic weapons learning their action sequence choreography, and much more. Unfortunately they don't let us hear what is being said, but instead its all set to Alan Silvestri's score for the film.

Warning: The b-roll clips probably contain some behind the scenes footage of scenes and sequences being filmed that some of you would rather not see before seeing the film. I'm not sure I consider any of the footage "spoilers", but you might. You have been warned.

Footage thanks to TrailerAddict:

Please note: if you see images saying the video has been removed, refresh the page — the video host, Trailer Addict, is having some hiccups. The videos are still online.