Cool Stuff: Exclusive Preview Of Iam8bit's "So You Created A Wormhole" Time Travel Art Show

Iam8bit is holding a Time Travel-themed art show called "So You Created a Wormhole" on Friday, April 13th the iam8bit gallery in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California (you can find out more info and rsvp on Facebook). They have over 40 fine art and screenprint artists contributing, with pieces ranging from Back to the Future to The Time Machine to other amazing collages of time and space (like dinosaurs vs. old-timey dudes). Iam8bit has supplied us with an exclusive preview of artwork from the show. Hit the jump to check it out.

Artists who contributed to the show:

Aaron Winnenberg

Aled Lewis

Alex Griendling

Armenak Aslanyan

Barnaby Ward

Dave Spafford

Drew Wise


Fab Ciraolo

Gerald de Jesus

Jack Hudson

Jason Brockert

Jesse Balmer

Jim Mahfood

John Larriva

John McGuire Olsen

Jude Buffum

Julia Gfrorer

Kelice Penney

Ken Wong

Laura Bifano

Laura Plansker

Lisa Hanawalt

Matthew Connor

Mitch Loidolt

Scott Balmer

Scott C

Shyama Golden


...and a few more surprises