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Geeky fingernail art.

Yahoo lists the 100 Funniest Movies to See Before You DieVideo: Alien: The Easter EditionGeekSugar lists 4 details to look forward to in Pixar's Brave.

Movie Beards by Chris Thornley

How To Set Up a Wireless Home Theater SystemStar Wars "Droid Step" created by Aaron Jasinski

IMDb updates Android app, now lets you watch 720p trailers

Video: ZomBeGone Laundry DetergentSG lists the Top 7 Landmarks Perfect For Surviving Zombies

Delorean Electric travels back in time to the basement of the New York International Auto Show

Universal Chief Prefers Watching 2-D Movies to 3-D

Video: How Game of Thrones Season 1 Should Have EndedRejects lists 30 Things We Learned From the National Lampoon's Vacation Commentary

Concept Art: There Was Almost A Reality In Which A Lifesized Starship Enterprise Would've Docked In Las Vegas lists Six Remakes to Look "Forward" ToVideo: Charming Trailer For The Star Wars Reimagining, Darth Vader And Son

Doc Peeks Into Ingmar Bergman's VHS Collection, Finds... Ghostbusters?

Star Wars Fangirl Half-Sleeve TattooVulture explains How AMC Can Turn All Its Dramas Into Reality ShowsWatch Things Explode in the First Clip From BattleshipThe History of subversive Remix Videos before YouTube and the N.W.A.-MuppetsClassy Cover for New 'Art of Pixar' Postcard CollectionPajiba lists 13 Things We Learned from the "Pillows and Blankets" Episode of CommunityVideo: Interactive Geek Speed Dating GameWC lists 12 Star Trek Fashion Disasters: Boldly Going Where No Fashion Designer Has Gone BeforeWarehouse 13 Phoenix Medallion Replica Coming SoonBuzzSugar lists the most memorable wedding crashers in movies.

What Ashton Kutcher could look like as Steve Jobs.

GeekSugar lists 5 books for tiny geek readers.Comic: What Darth Vader Would Look Like If He Was a Good DadBoxOfficeMagazine lists Four Other '90s Teen Classics That Deserve A ReunionVideo: How The Titanic Sank: National Geographic VS. James CameronIFC lists The 25 most quotable "Anchorman" one-linersSee a Map Detailing the Opening Shot Location in Touch of EvilBuzzSugar lists 14 retro films to watch if you love Mad Men.Watch a Speed Drawing of The Room's Tommy WiseauScreenRant lists 10 Obscure but Awesome Greek Gods & Monsters Fit for FilmET The Extra-Terrestrial Series 1 Packaged Action FiguresUltraCulture lists five mumblecore gems to look forward to in 2012

R2-D2 As An Ammo Box

Blastr lists 12 wacky sci-fi vehicles (that are more than just dream machines)Infographic: The Muppets.

Amazon Studios Unveils Movie Development Slate, And New Rules For Scripts