Sequel Bits: JJ Abrams Puts Up Walls To Keep Star Trek 2 Secrets, Ghostbusters 2 On Blu-Ray, Hangover 3 Will Be The Last, Kick-Ass 2 Will Be About The Villains, Randy Couture Hints At The Expendables 3

JJ Abrams loves his secrecy. There may not be a filmmaker alive who hates spoilers and set photos more than the Bad Robot director. So what happens when a bunch of set photos leak out of Star Trek 2? JJ Abrams orders a massive blockade to prevent the view of photographers on public property. The photo above is of part of 30 large shipping containers which are strung together to create a privacy wall for the Star Trek 2 set.

After the jump we have a ton of new sequel news bits including:

  • An update on when we can expect Ghostbusters 2 on Blu-ray
  • Why Hangover 3 Will Be The Last in the comedy film series
  • How Kick-Ass 2 Will focus completely on the villains
  • Randy Couture Hints at plans for The Expendables 3
  • All this and more, after the jump.

    Dan Aykroyd says that Ghostbusters 2 will finally be hitting Blu-ray sometime soon. He tweeted that the release will include some extras and commentary.

    Director/producer Todd Phillips promises that The Hangover III will be the final installment in the comedy series.

    "We're going to surprise a lot of people with the final chapter we have planned," Phillips told THR. "It will be a fitting conclusion to our three-part opera of mayhem, despair and bad decisions."

    Of course, like any final installment, money and demand could change that decision (remember when Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade had two different meanings?) Warner Bros announced last week that a third Hangover film will hit theaters on May 24th 2013.

    Mark Miller tells ASK MEN UK that Kick-Ass 2 will be all about the villains:

    "Kick-Ass was about a kid who loved superhero comics going out dressed up as a superhero and doing what he had always fantasised about doing. The sequel is more like A Clockwork Orange, about a bunch of little s***s who are like "Oh my God there's these superheroes out there, let's go and [frick] them up." They dress up as super-villains to try and find them and go about doing robberies and rapes dressed as supervillains. Kick-Ass felt like what a real superhero would be like and Kick-Ass 2 is about what a supervillain would be like, and how would the superhero stop them. There are two major new characters in the next movie. One's called Mother Russia, who's pumped up on steroids – she's the ultimate killing machine. Then there's an older superhero, a retired guy who's fed up with the little s***s in the neighbourhood and forms a team of superheroes. I had Johnny Depp in mind when I was writing, but I said that in an interview, then the next day it went on like 500 websites."

    The Expendables 2 hits theaters in August, and co-star/MMA champion Randy Couture is already hinting that the action film series will return for thirds. In a YouTube interview Couture said "Probably gonna start shooting Expendables 3 here in the fall after Expendables 2 comes out in August."