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Header Photo: The Walking Dead minimalistic poster by Joe Collins.

Bid on a trip to Pixar Animation Studios, to bennifit the the Toronto Wildlife Centre

Who would win in a street race? The '66 or '89 Batmobile?

FilmStage speculates that WWE wrestler Hornswoggle could star in the new Leprechaun remake.

Clever LEGO advertisements take on famous animated characters.

VideoGum takes the TMZ Tour Of Hollywood

Infographic: A closer look at John Carter's Woola.

ActionFigureInsider has an interview with Mattel about the upcoming Back tot the Future Hoverboard replica.

See Illustrations From 'Harriet Potter', a 'Gender Swapped' Harry Potter

Modern Family's Ty Burrell Voicing Peabody in DreamWorks Animation's Peabody and Sherman

Map of North America as it Relates to The Hunger Games

The Wrap explains How 'Hunger Games' Can Make Lionsgate a Major Hollywood Player

14 New Images Of Richard Linklater's Bernie

The official website for Men in Black 3 has launched.

Willard Wigan uses a microscope while he creates detailed miniature sculptures which reside in the eye of a needle.

Community Return Spawns Twitter Trending Topics Aplenty: "InspectorSpacetime," "Troy and Abed," "Annie's Boobs" and "Jim Belushi."

Custom Predator Helmet With Tri-Lasers Up For Sale

TopTenz lists Top 10 Greatest Movie Casting Ensembles of the 21st Century

"Flight Club" t-shirt by Illestraider Inspired by Flight of the Navigator and Top Gun

Rejects lists 28 Things We Learned From 'The Last Starfighter' Commentary

RopeofSilicon lists 9 Great Posters for 9 Not-So-Great Movies (That I Haven't Seen)

Alex Kurtzman's directorial debut Welcome to People starring Chris Pine, has gotten a new title: People Like Us.

Watch Kermit the Frog, who has been recruited as a political correspondent for The Colbert Report.

Updating TV Theme Songs For The Big Screen – Rejects takes a look at which Catchy Tunes Do It Right.

Chart: Everything You Need to Know in Life, You Learned From Friends (ughh)

Samuel Goldwyn Films to Distribute 'Cowgirls 'N Angels'

Vulture uncovers 27 Easter Eggs Hidden on the Community Set

Atlas Shrugged Part II is Hiring! No Résumés Required!

R2-D2 behind-the-ear tattoo.

The Physics of Pixar's Hair

Sideshow Collectibles has pre-order for the Elder Predator Statue.

TBS is giving a greenlight to a reality series called King of the Nerds.

Realistic Adventure Time artwork.

Rob Ashford will helm Disney's Alice in Wonderland musical from producer Tim Burton

Scott C's latest Great Showdown is a District 9 tribute.

Magnolia Pictures has set a 4/20 release date for Kevin Macdonald's Bob Marley documentary

ShockTillYouDrop has a first-look image from Oren Peli's horror-thriller Chernobyl Diaries

IO9 lists the 10 biggest comebacks in science fiction and fantasy.

Preview of threeA's Ambush Real Steel figure.

IMAX is planning to expand to even more theaters.

Chuck Jones teaches you how to Draw Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

Gillian Anderson Was Offered 'Downton Abbey' Role As Lady Cora

For $3000, you too can live in a Hobbit hole

Five Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk

Check out a new photo of Snake Eyes From G.I. JOE: Retaliation

Titanic 3D will sail on 149 IMAX screens globally.

STAR WARS: KNIGHT ERRANT—ESCAPE #1 Cover Art by Benjamin Carré

Learn How A Mime Saved Paul Verhoeven's ROBOCOP

Jawa Bento Box. on How to Tell if You're the Bad Boyfriend in a Rom Com

Doctor Who tattoo.

Pajiba lists The 20 Most Arresting And Nightmarish Images Of Darren Aronofsky's Career

Watch some clips from Arnold Schwarzenegger 's Terminator 3 audio commentary.

Carl Topilow and the Cleveland Pops will be hosting a tribute concert to John Williams on Saturday, March 24th.

The True Cost of Piracy

Via: Background Check Resource

Infographic: The True Cost of Piracy

IFC lists The top 10 shows from the '80s that should be made into a movie