Darren Aronofsky Directed J.Lo In An Ad For Kohl's, And You Can Watch It Here

There are things it makes sense for Darren Aronofsky to direct. All of his films, obviously. PSAs for young people about the dangers of meth use. A steamy fragrance ad featuring his Black Swan star Vincent Cassel. Possibly even a music video for the unholy union of Lou Reed and Metallica. Nowhere on this list is an upbeat Kohl's ad for Jennifer Lopez's apparel, home, and accessories line, and yet here we are.

This isn't an insult to Aronofsky, Lopez, Kohl's, the handsome backup dancers, or anyone else involved with this commercial, by the way. Titled "Classic. Remixed," the commercial is actually a fun, poppy little video that shows off J.Lo's considerable dance skills against her cover of Kiki Dee Band's "I Got the Music in Me." But who'd ever have expected these two to meet, let alone collaborate? Watch the ad after the jump.

[Mediabistro via Vulture]

I can only assume that whoever decided Aronofsky would be the perfect pick to direct this video loved the dancing parts of Black Swan. They weren't wrong, though. There isn't much to this 30-second video, but the simplicity is a virtue — it's nice to just see J.Lo in her element. Apparently, she's still got it after all these years. No whispers of overused body-doubles here.

It seems unlikely we'll see much of this happy, completely un-tormented version of Aronofsky in his upcoming biblical fable Noah. But if the esteemed filmmaker has any interest in moving on after that to, say, Step Up 5: [Insert Cheesy Pun Here], he's got my vote. All the more so if he's able to convince his new pal J.Lo to come along.

As for Lopez, she'll try to charm without singing or dancing (I assume) in May's What to Expect When You're Expecting before wooing Denis Leary as a saber-tooted tiger in July's Ice Age: Continental Drift.