'Act Of Valor' Video Movie Review

Act of Valor is two movies. The first is your basic, exciting, yet simple war movie. It features some minor character development and emotion wrapped around a lot of shoot 'em up action, explosions and death. High-octane kind of stuff. Acting not required.

Then there's the second movie. And that movie is created by the fact that Act of Valor mostly stars real life, active Navy SEALS. That means everything you see was hypothetically put through a no bullshit filter. The missions are based on true events, the on-screen techniques drip with realism, and if the acting or dialogue isn't quite up to par, it's okay because these guys are true American heroes. Including these men gives the film a gravitas that all but negates any issues the movie itself has.

Act of Valor is a deeply flawed, but interesting and entertaining film. Instead of reading the rest of my thoughts, you can watch a video of me talking about it on the Totally Rad Show.

For the popular Totally Rad Show's review of Act of Valor, I was asked to fill in for regulars Jeff Cannata and Dan Trachtenberg. Watch me and TRS host Alex Albrecht discuss and review Act of Valor below.

As you've heard above, Act of Valor is kind of an enigma. If you are a fan of war films, or just something a little different during a weak month at the cinema, it's worth your time. Don't expect anything too technically proficient and you'll likely get wrapped up in a realistic, simple story with more street-cred than the usual "rah, rah" Americana movie.

/Film rating: 6.5 out of 10