Sequel Bits: 'Star Trek 2,' 'Machete Kills,' 'John Carter 2 And 3,' 'Indiana Jones 5'

The sequel news never stops and we're here to report it all. After the jump, read more about the following:

  • Bruce Greenwood is happy with how Christopher Pike is being handled in Star Trek 2.
  • A teaser image for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills appeared at the European Film Market.
  • John Carter 2 was being written two years ago when John Carter was being shot.
  • George Lucas Says He Should Be Working On Indiana Jones 5.
  • Star Trek 2 is now filming so most of the stars are too busy to really comment on it. We're sure to see some Chris Pine quotes soon with This Means War on the horizon, and Zoe Saldana talked a bit not long ago. Now Bruce Greenwood, who plays Admiral Pike in the sequel and stars in the ABC show The River, had this to say to Crave Online (via Trek Movie) after being asked: "Are you happy with the way Captain Pike is being handled?"

    Of course, yeah. I'm really content with it so it's a great script.

    On the more violent side of things, the following piece of art was seen at the European Film Market where a ton of film news is being made. It's a sales poster for Robert Rodriguez's sequel to Machete, Machete Kills, thanks to Coming Soon. We've heard it might start shooting in April:

    Earlier today, Peter put up his reports from the set of John Carter. In case you didn't read the full interview with director Andrew Stanton, revealed some interesting information on theĀ developmentĀ of John Carter 2 and 3. Remember, this was in 2010 and a lot has changed since then. 3D was added, post-production was long and costly, reshoots were done, marketing went into action, you name it. But, at the time, this was the plan:

    We outlined three altogether. But the nice thing about not doing anything in tandem is that we can learn from the first and go, "oooH! I like that guy. I like that situation. Let's see if we can tweak that into the second and third." We're constantly growing and constantly adapting. We're trying to stay ahead of it. We're writing the second right now while we're working on the first...

    There will surely be more information on these films in the coming weeks, especially when we see if John Carter is a hit or not.

    And, finally, as if to pour salt in the wound, in the controversial interview George Lucas did with The Hollywood Reporter, he teased that he should have been working on Indiana Jones 5 instead of doing an interview. He was asked, "What's the status of Indiana Jones 5? Steven Spielberg says he's waiting to hear from you."

    I know, and I'm supposed to be working on it right now, but I'm talking to you instead. (Laughs)

    Obviously, a joke, but the film is on his mind.