Michael Showalter Says A 'Wet Hot American Summer' Sequel Is "Absolutely" Happening

The great, wacky 2001 comedy Wet Hot American Summer didn't do any respectable box office business, but the deep goofiness of the film has generated a fervent cult following in the decade since its original release. It doesn't hurt that the film featured a treasure trove of comic talent, some in the early stages of their careers: Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Zak Orth, A.D. Miles, Paul Rudd, Christopher Meloni, Molly Shannon, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks and Bradley Cooper.

The film suggested the possibility of a sequel, and the sequel is a frequent object of inquiry when director David Wain or one of the primary cast members does an interview, even a decade later. In the last couple years, Wain has said that a sequel or prequel isn't out of the question, despite the fact that Universal doesn't seem to believe in the project, and several of the original cast members have a much higher quote now than they did a decade ago.

But there may be reason to rejoice, fans of WHAS: Michael Showalter now says that a sequel is "absolutely happening"!

On Watch What Happens Live, via HuffPo, theĀ  actor responded to a question about a WHAS sequel with,

Absolutely yes. One hundred percent yes. The whole gang. Everyone's back. We're doing it.

That's great, but I'm still at the point where I'll believe it when I see it. And will this be a sequel or prequel? The original film had the characters talk about getting together after years had passed, but last year David Wain suggested we might actually see a prequel:

Yes, we have been talking about a sequel, prequel, something or other... The prequel would be the same summer so they would be 20 years old for the part yeah, but not younger. So it would be 40 year olds playing 16 year olds. And yeah, we're in the early stages of thinking about that.