New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Reveals 'Mark Of The Spider-Man' Viral Campaign

The biggest news of the past 24 hours was certainly the release of the new trailer for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man. As is the case with any trailer of that magnitude, minutes following the its debut, fans had already began to pour over its minutia. What does The Lizard look like? How is Spider-Man's origin different this time around? Can you pick out the practical versus CG effects?

One site found what appeares to be a URL hidden in the trailer. Which lead to a website. And, probably, a huge can of viral worms.

After the jump, see the beginning of the Mark of the Spider-Man viral campaign revealed in the new trailer.

The fine folks at Collider were the first to notice this image:

That's a URL embedded in the trailer's text. It says "Mark of the Spider-Man" and if you go to it revealed a page that looks like the header image: six kinds of static above the new Spider-Man logo. Here's a partial screengrab:

Nothing on the site seems to be clickable or anything so your guess is as good as ours. Any ideas? Any progress?

Note: This was originally in today's Superhero Bits.