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Header Photo: Snow White back tattoo.

River Road Entertainment optioned screen rights to Karen Thompson Walker's first novel The Age of Miracles.

Dave Perillo's Robo Karaoke t-shirt.

James Wan's Conjuring has been retitled The Warren Files

Watch a featurette on the 3D conversion of Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace.

Chi McBride has been cast in the CBS Pilot Golden BoyMatt Kaufenberg's "The Essentials of the Rocketeer"Brett Ratner is set to direct and executive produce Fox 's spy drama pilot written by Karyn Usher.

Brandon Schaefer's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen illustration.

"More than 60% of the 2 billion-plus hours of video streamed by Netflix subscribers during the fourth quarter of 2011 originated on the small screen."

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84th Academy Awards nominees group photo.

James Rocchi explains how Sundance got its edge back.

Video: Harry Potter: A Tribute to the Magic.Pajiba lists  15 Movies that Critics Loved and Audiences Hated and the Inferences We Can Draw

Christopher Lee's Star Wars posters.

The Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack is now available in HD Audio FLAC Format

Watch a Star Wars vs. Star Trek Showdown Between Patrick Stewart And Liam NeesonMTV lists Five Reasons To See 'The Woman In Black'

Yoda Munny by Sean Viloria

Magnolia Pictures acquired U.S. Rights to a Bob Marley Documentary

Kinjamin depicts the cast of the Community as the characters from Street Fighter.

Fox has acquired rights to the children's book series Fancy Nancy, setting it with Shawn Levy.

Monster movie sizes.

GeekSugar lists 14 geeky languages to learn with your love.Marlon Waynes explains on Twitter why he isnt in GI Joe 2.Pajiba lists The 10 Highest Grossing Super Bowl Opening WeekendsSupercut: Follow The TV Reference

Fight Over Who Owns Raging Bull has been carried Up To Ninth Circuit Appeals Court

Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons with Cherry Brains

AV Club lists 16 Films Without Which Wes Anderson Couldn't Have Happened

Scott C's latest Great Showdown is an Election-tribute.

Corey Stoll Joins Netflix Drama House of CardsVideo: What if the Muppets did their own version of The Wicker Man?ToplessRobot lists 9 More of the Greatest and Nerdiest Fictional BandsAnnie Hall poster by Billy lists 2011's biggest surprises.Video: A side-by-side comparison of Honda's Ferris Bueller ad and the Ferris Bueller scenes it pays homage to.InContention lists the top 10 Steven Spielberg films

"The Glory Days: Dr. Henry Jones Jr." By: Ian Glaubinger

Reelizer lists the top ten official one-sheet posters of 2011.

Mark Raats' Indiana Jones custom trading cards.

Last Exit to Nowhere will be selling JOHN CARTER crew T-shirts

Jar Jar Binks makes an appearance in The Force Unleashed.

Machinima's 'Bite Me' Zombie Comedy is Headed to FEARnet

Pirates of the Caribbean cake.9 Misconceptions People Have About Godzilla