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Header Photo: Harry Potter and Fluffy cosplay

IFC lists The 20 best job-quitting scenes of all time

Empire Of Darkness t-shirt.

Screenwriter John August talks about how the screenwriters credit arbitration process really works.

Supercut: "Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?"Rejects has a DVD Drinking Game for Bucky Larson – Born to Be a Star.Comic Strip: "Bad Chewie"Cracked lists 5 Badass Movie Heroes (Who Were Actually Just Really Lucky)

Don't Go To The Lobby t-shirt.

TopTenz lists the Top 10 Screen Legend High School Dropouts

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Enterprise coffee table.

PopMatters takes a look at the Hidden Mythos of 'Police Academy'Brad Bird posts in front of an oversized HAL 9000.The Playlist Deconstructs The 'Moonrise Kingdom' Trailer

Oscar-Nominated Movie Posters: What If They Told The Truth?

ToplessRobot lists 10 Kickass Things Mel Brooks Did (Besides His Movies)Watch a Sitcom into from The Walking Dead.Watch the Oscar nominated short film Dimanche.

Yes, E.T. Once Sold Coors to Drunk Drivers

Join George Roush's Fast & Furious fact a day facebook page.

Plush Chewbacca by Denn Rodriguez

Sony's Crackle has added Animax Anime channel.

Star Wars family car decals.BuzzSugar lists 10 movies they can't wait to see at Sundance.Watch the Trailer for MLK Day, a Fake Movie Dreamed Up by 30 RockListen to the latest episode of How Did This Get Made, with guest Crank 1 & 2 Co-Writer & Co-Director Brian Taylor

Darth Vader Needs to Use the Restroom Too.

The Examiner lists the Overrated and underrated films of 2011

DIY Retro Star Wars dress.

Download and read the scripts to the 2011 Awards contenders.How Luke Skywalker cleaned up his Facebook page

LACMA celebrates "100 Years of Paramount" with a 5 month screening series

Watch S*** Samuel L. Jackson Says

Topless Robot lists the 10 geekiest one-shot guest stars on Chuck.

The NSFW Hungarian poster for Fox Searchlight's Shame.

Uproxx lists 30 One-Hit Wonders Who Deserve Their Own TV ShowsWatch the new teaser for Aliens: Colonial MarinesWarming Glow Ranks the 10 Most Profoundly Stupid Characters Currently on Television.

Disney Fashion Princesses

Pajiba lists 10 shows that would be much better if they killed off a major character.Star Wars returns with Darth Maul 3-D glassesGuyism lists 15 actors who tried to sing.

Kinect Star Wars trailer.

Moviefone posts 5 movies whose titles tell you everything

Watch Jim Henson's 1956 short film Robot, created for the Bell System.

Rejects lists 37 things learned from the Hard Candy commentary track.