VOTD: 'Moon' Director Duncan Jones Goes Back To Space With Virgin Banking Commercial

Duncan Jones got our attention in a big way with Moon, and kept it with Source Code. We're waiting to see what his next feature will be, but in the meantime he's paying the rent with some commercial work.

Here's an ad spot directed by Jones, meant to promote Richard Branson's new Virgin Money venture. It sees Jones going back to space, if only briefly. As if that wasn't good enough, there's a bit of Daft Punk in there as well. Check out the spot below.

I don't know how much enthusiasm you'll be able to muster for Virgin's various ventures, but as a means of presenting them all in one unified manner, this is pretty good. Looks like a spot that would be shown in the world depicted by Jones in Moon, and I think that's why I like the ad overall. The fact that this spot uses some of the same sort of model work that helped Moon come to life certainly doesn't hurt. [Man Made Moon]